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Known for its award-winning trading platform and world-class customer service, Qtrade Investor is consistently ranked one of Canada’s top online investment brokerages. Qtrade Investor gives users online or mobile access to a wide range of investments, accounts and transaction types, all at competitive prices, along with free educational resources and trading tools—making it a trusted choice for both first-time traders and seasoned investors alike. 

What's New

Qtrade Investor earned first place in Surviscor’s 2016 Canadian Online Discount Brokerage Review. Qtrade recently expanded its list of commission-free ETFs from 60 to 100. ECN fees have been eliminated from its low $8.75 stock-trade commission. And clients love Qtrade’s new home dashboard, which provides a simple view of their entire portfolio, tracks their balances over time, and shows their TFSA and RRSP contributions year-to-date.

2016 Online Brokerage Review 2015 Mobile Brokerage Review
Score: 87% Score: 49%
Rank: 1st Rank: 5th
13 Firms Reviewed 11 Firms Reviewed
Surviscor Assessment:
Website Design
Account Services
Market Information
Transaction Process
Website Resources
Service Level Assessment
Mobile Accessibility
Surviscor Assessment:
iPhone Grade
iPad Grade
Android Smartphone Grade
Android Tablet Grade
Blackberry Touchscreen Grade
Online Highlights

Qtrade Investor is the best Surviscor ranked online brokerage services in Canada and is consistenly recognized by the Canadian Investment Awards as one of the top online brokerage firms in Canada. Qtrade Investor earned 1 category and 11 sub-category honours in the 2016 review. Qtrade Investor provides a well-rounded and diverse online offering. It is difficult to find any areas where Qtrade Investor does not deliver a top notch offering.

  • Good public site with a strong account opening process
  • Strong service levels
  • Strong market data
  • Easy to use and informational transaction screens
Mobile Highlights
  • Good iPhone design
  • Good market information
  • Options trading
  • Mutual Funds trading
  • Lack of public site resources
  • Browser-based for non-Apple devices
  • Limited supporting resources

First place: The Globe and Mail, 2016 ranking of online brokers

First place: Surviscor 2016 Canadian Online Discount Brokerage Review

Best overall independent broker, 2016 MoneySense Best Online Brokerage Review

First place: Surviscor 2015 Service Level Assessment program

Second place: The Globe and Mail, 2015 ranking of online brokers

  • Beginner's Guide to Investing Online

    Managing your own investments online is simple, convenient and affordable.

    This guide explains the basics and shows you how to get started.

  • Guide to Margin Trading

    Margin trading means trading using borrowed money. It’s a strategy
    used by both professional and self-directed investors.This short guide
    aims to introduce you to the basic concepts and get you started.

  • Guide to TFSA Investing

    The Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) is a useful and flexible
    account that should be part of every Canadian’s investment
    strategy. This short guide will introduce you to the advantages of TFSAs, show you how they compare with RRSPs, and provide ideas for getting started with your own self-directed TFSA portfolio.

  • Guide to Getting Started with Stock Trading

    A beginner’s guide to building a stock portfolio.

Transfer $10,000 or more by December 31, 2016 and Qtrade will reimburse your transfer-out fees up to $150 per account.

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Monday to Friday 5:30 am to 5:00 pm PST

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